The Story
Les Haricots Rouges are laughing
in rythm since forty years !

les haricots rouges : pyramideSo what ?

When you receive your first advice from Maurice Chevalier and that Bruno Coquatrix, founder of the parisian Olympia, tells you about Mistinguett and Edith Piaf, while opening the red curtain for you,

When, being only twenty years, you open the show for the Beatles, Louis Armstrong or Georges Brassens and still on stage for the first appearence of the Rolling Stones in Paris, then substitue for Miles Davis at Nice jazz festival and jam with B.B. King, Dizzy Gillespie, Fats Domino...

When the magic of New-Orleans is even moe enchanting that all the dreams you have made when you were fifteen years old and you have the pleasure to perform with such giants as Louis Nelson, Kid Tomas, Georges Lewis...,

When since fourty years, you audiences from all around the world reward you in standing ovations,

So what ?
So, when last week, a young kid comes to see you after the show and tells you :
" Mister, you made us so happy ! "
Then, we keep going on, because we just love it, and because this what we love !

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