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When you receive your first professionnal advice from Maurice Chevalier, and Bruno Coquatrix mentions Mistinguett and Edith Piaf while pulling the red curtain of the Olympia venue open for you.

When, at age twenty, you find yourself at the Palais des Sports as a special guest of the Beatles or Louis Armstrong, when you're invited to be the opening act for Barbara, Brel, Brassens ... and you are still there at the first appearence of the Rolling Stones at the Olympia.

When you fill in for Miles Davis at the Grande Parade du Jazz in Nice and have a jam session with BBKing, Dizzy Gillespie, Fats Domino…

When you make the world a better place with Antoine Blondin and René Fallet at the corner of a bar.

When the reality of New Orleans is more beautiful than the dream of your teenage years, and you are offered the privilege of playing with great "gentlemen" there, like Louis Nelson, Kid Thomas, George Lewis, Alton Purnell, Sam Lee ...

When, for fifty years, your audiences here and there, from London to Dakar, from Munich to Bora Bora, via Auckland and Paris, whith diverse crowds reward you with standings ovations.
Lastly, when just last week, a kid comes to see you after the show and sais:
"Sir, you delighted us" ...
So we go on, because we love this, and because that's what we live for.
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